Vice Rookie – India Pale Ale 6.0%


Vice Rookie – India Pale Ale 6.0%

Every now and again you have to take a look at a beer recipe and go with what feels natural. Vice Rookie is a celebration of everything that comes naturally to us as a brew team – we’ve always trod along our pale and hoppy route, so why not go for an IPA? Sure. Around the 6% mark? That golden ABV where things aren’t stupidly strong, but hold enough mouthfeel and flavour intensity to brush shoulders with the bigger boys? Absolutely. Pyramid dry-hopped and wrapped up in a warming embrace of our bespoke LA3 house yeast strain? Now you’re talking. Featuring gradually cascading additions of Citra, Centennial, and a final flourish of Galaxy for good measure, this beer positively blossoms with freshly cut citrus fruits, tropical notes a-plenty, and just the faintest hint of grassy bitterness to honour those breweries without whom we wouldn’t exist as a brewery today. Cheers!

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