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Showing all 12 results

We live and breathe pale and hoppy – afterall, it’s where our expertise lies. It’s a passion that runs deep, so it’s no surprise that we hold a special place in our heart for IPA beer. It’s the OG of craft beer so we pay homage to it and have always featured IPA heavily in our line-up. From our core range to our Icons, we’ve got a mouthwatering India Pale Ale to quench every palate.

When it comes to flavour profile, IPAs are known for their assertive and complex flavours, with a focus on hop bitterness, citrusy, piney, and tropical fruit notes, and a malt backbone that provides balance. The specific flavours can vary depending on the IPA style, brewing techniques and hop varieties used; and we play with lots of hop varieties, including Cascade, Citra, Mosaic, and more. 

We take pride in offering an ubiquitous range of IPA styles that cover every iteration imaginable – afterall, the beauty of IPAs lies in their diversity. Craving a classic English IPA? We’ve got you covered. Want to venture into hop-forward variations from across the pond? We’ve got those too!

From classic West Coast IPAs with their piney and resinous overtones, to hazy New England-style IPAs bursting with juicy tropical fruit flavours, and everything in between, there’s an IPA for every discerning palate.