Soma Centre – Blackcurrant & Lemon Gose 4.4%


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Soma Centre – Blackcurrant & Lemon Gose 4.4%

As another year of festivals draws to a close and we hibernate over the winter period once again. We’ve once again backed up our claim that midst all the hype juice and pastry stouts, there’s nothing that seems to pique people’s interest better than a bright red, stupidly fruited sour beer. A branch of the brewery we feel is becoming one of our strongest offerings with each iteration, our brewers have duly obliged the brief, and have gone all out on Soma Centre. Bringing 50kg of blackcurrants to the party and buffing it up with a further 25kg of lemon before rounding everything off with a hearty 1kg addition of sea salt, the result is a gose that is equal parts puckeringly tart and sweet.