Oddspace – Galaxy Porter 5.8%


Oddspace – Galaxy Porter 5.8%

Whilst we’re very much a forward-facing brewery when it comes to modern techniques and styles, sometimes there just ain’t anything better than looking to the past. In our formative years of exploring different styles of beer, we were taken by the robust and hoppy porters of the US; and we’re celebrating this in Oddspace. Utilising five different malts in the mash, this beer has layers upon layers of satisfying depth of flavour and complexity; with a whole host of cinder toffee, dark chocolate and coffee notes at the forefront of the party. It’s the hop bill where this beer comes truly to life however; with a generous addition of 15kg of Galaxy in the dry hop bringing a swagbag of fruit salad tropical notes, before our hearty addition of Simcoe in the whirlpool adds enough bitterness to keep everything in balance.

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