Humming Error – Pale Ale 5.2%

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Humming Error – Pale Ale 5.2%

The cult classic returns for another run around! We were absolutely staggered at how much people vibed off this beer the first time around, so naturally, it felt right to give this beer a distinctly 2022 turn. Everybody knows how much we love a super smashable pale here at Polly’s HQ, and everybody knows that Citra and Mosaic are the ultimate bff partnership. When we found our we were getting our hands on a bucketload of Loral hops here at the brewery it made the most sense to go for a full on flavour explosion of a three way dance with these incredible varietals. Citra and Mosaic bring a swagbag of juicy mango and passionfruit notes, but with the addition of Loral, a tonne of zingy lemon citrus notes come to the fore; accentuating the drinkability of this incredible pale ale.

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