Crevasse Fear – India Pale Ale 6.0%


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Nostalgia has always been a big thing here at Polly’s HQ, and it was over a post-work beer with the squad after finishing a turn at the brewkit recently that we realised we had hit seven hundred(!) unique beers, and began to reminisce about some of the incredible beers from Polly’s long brewing history that made us really step back and think “…Wow!”. Amongst the suggestions thrown into the circle was a long forgotten beer from our Originals Range that we immediately realised needed a 2024 update – Amarillo Ekuanot IPA. A curious combination of hops, these incredibly expressive varieties work incredibly well off one another to bring a punchbowl of bright and punchy citrus notes, and sticky marmalade flavours, with a flourish of Simcoe to bring that characteristic stonefruit sweetness.

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