Very Boutique – Pale Ale 5.7%


Very Boutique – Pale Ale 5.7%

We’re huge fans of those beers that blur the line between pale ale and IPA strength here at Polly’s; encasing all that flavour intensity of one of our bigger beers but with the spritzy refreshment of something a little more laid back and relaxed. With a game plan to create a strong pale ale, but definitely not an IPA, we let our brewers loose to utilise all their expertise and Very Boutique is the result. Sat in that hazy middle point between pale and IPA at 5.7%, our brewers have treated this beer to all the techniques of one of our IPAs, but at a more reeled in strength. Featuring a hop charge that effortlessly waltzes from old school to new school, Cascade, Citra and Enigma are doing the heavy lifting here; imparting resinous piney bitterness, through a tidal wave of freshly cut citrus notes, before rounding off with stonefruit sweetness.

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