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A Passion For Fashion - Lime Gose 4.5% × 8

A Passion For Fashion - Lime Gose 4.5%

The cult classic is back for another go-around! A Passion for Fashion made waves when we first brewed it back in 2019; with it being a 100% Lally at the wheel zinger. Our Scottish magician is a lover of all things face-scrunchingly sour, and we've let him completely off the leash again with this, one of our most talked about and yearned for beers of our entire five and a half years as an active brewery. A mouth puckeringly sour gose packed to the nines with 115kg of fresh limes, a kilo of Anglesey sea salt, and just a sprinkling of lime zest to boot. Named for an in-joke in the brewery about our complete lack of fashion sense, the result is a super dry, juicy and zesty gose, not at all for the faint of heart. Welcome back, Pash!

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Solid Love - Lime & Mango Imperial Gose 10.0% *BBE 27/1/24 × 8

Solid Love - Lime & Mango Imperial Gose 10.0%

As we head into the warmer months and the weather begins to brighten just that little bit more each day, we’re kindly reminded that festival season is fast approaching once again, and with it the influx of daft, silly festival beers to pour at them. After taking a similar concept with Red Odyssey, our triple fruited cherry imperial gose last year, we’re back once again on the super-fruited sour party train for Solid Love. Utilising a mixture of fruits we think work extremely well together in Mango and Lime, we’ve dumped just shy of a tonne’s worth of lime and mango into this beer, weighted heavily toward the mango. The result? A sweet, sticky, tart, slammer of a beer with tropical notes a-plenty but with a sharp citrus zest at the back to remind you that this is a Polly’s sour after all!

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Fondness - Rhubarb & Rosehip Sour 5.5% × 6

Fondness - Rhubarb & Rosehip Sour 5.5%

It’s summer time, so that must mean, yep you guessed it - it’s Rhubarb season! Stewing away with plenty of sugar, we’re positively pining for those pies, crumbles and jams so tart that they make your face do that funny sideways motion whenever we take a bite. Our resident sour beer wizard Lally needs no introduction, and when we made the same face at him he knew exactly what we meant - getting his thinking cap on and bringing yet another entry into our sour beer cannon; now arguably the most underrated part of our brewery. Charging the beer with a light addition of fresh rosehip for a little bit of turkish delight complexity, the result is Fondness - a sour beer that is full on spritzy, tart, sweet, and complex all at once. Bravo once again to our brew team for showing we can do more than just pale and hoppy!

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Tang - Lemon & Orange Sour 5.5% × 2

Tang - Lemon & Orange Sour 5.5%

It might not feel like it right now, but summer’s here, and we’re giddy with excitement for those scorching hot afternoons that call for, nay, require a mid afternoon break to cool off with an ice lolly. With this in mind, we set our brewers a task of creating a sour beer that positively bursts with ripe lemon and orange citrus notes - an alcoholic Calippo pop. Our sour beer wizard Lally and the rest of the team have worked their magic and the results speak for themselves. A bright, spritzy sour base lays the foundation of this beer, with almost a tonne of Orange and Lemon added - heavier on the Orange, lighter on the Lemon - to impart a sweet, sharp juiciness that makes this arguably our most accessible sour to date. Bring on the summer time!

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Sours Sale Box

It’s that time of year where a crisp and refreshing drink is all you need for those sunny, warm evenings out in the garden. We’ve created this bundle so you can fill your boots with the fruitiest beverages we do. But we’re going one step better…we’re throwing a whopping 25% off badge on this absolute belter of a bundle. But be quick because once they’re gone, they’re gone!

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