Souldoubt – India Pale Ale 6.0%


Souldoubt – India Pale Ale 6.0%

Back in late 2017, Polly’s Brew Co was but a one man enterprise with five canned beers and a huge passion for brewing the most modern, hop-forward, fresh beers possible. We really have to jog our memories to remember the other four, but there was one incredible highlight in that original line up; and whilst it was no doubt rough around the edges, Galaxy Mosaic IPA just had that something that made us realise we were onto something big in this sleepy corner of North Wales. Fast forward five and a half years, and Souldoubt is a grown up, maxed out, amplified descendent of that beer that really put us on the map all those years ago. Utilising only the freshest crop of our favourite Australian and Stateside slammers, this beer is everything we love about modern IPAs – fruit forward with a metric tonne of juicy tropical notes, pillowy on the mouthfeel thanks to our in-house LA3 strain, and with just a whisper of bitterness to keep everything in check.

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