Solid Love – Lime & Mango Imperial Gose 10.0% *BBE 27/1/24


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Solid Love – Lime & Mango Imperial Gose 10.0%

As we head into the warmer months and the weather begins to brighten just that little bit more each day, we’re kindly reminded that festival season is fast approaching once again, and with it the influx of daft, silly festival beers to pour at them. After taking a similar concept with Red Odyssey, our triple fruited cherry imperial gose last year, we’re back once again on the super-fruited sour party train for Solid Love. Utilising a mixture of fruits we think work extremely well together in Mango and Lime, we’ve dumped just shy of a tonne’s worth of lime and mango into this beer, weighted heavily toward the mango. The result? A sweet, sticky, tart, slammer of a beer with tropical notes a-plenty but with a sharp citrus zest at the back to remind you that this is a Polly’s sour after all!

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