Shape Curator – West Coast IPA 6.1%


Shape Curator – West Coast IPA 6.1%

What makes a West Coast IPA? In our opinion it’s got to be crisp, it’s got to be defined and punchy, and it’s got to be as drinkable as a lager, despite its strength. A style that is all about a mastery of balance and refreshment, we feel our Westie output is rapidly growing in reputation after nailing our New England game. Wanting to replicate the beers that inspired us to brew in the first place, Shape Curator is front loaded with a massive 20kg whirlpool addition of classic C hop Chinook on the hot side to impart all manner of robust grapefruit, piney and resinous bitter notes, before an ultra low addition of Columbus and Chinook on the cold side brings a little candied orange sweetness to the party for balance.

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