Old Tech – Bohemian IPA 5.8%


Old Tech – Bohemian IPA 5.8%

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re pretty big on IPAs here at Polly’s. Not only are we deeply passionate about the modern styles of IPA, we’re historians to boot; so when the idea of a Bohemian-inspired IPA came into our internal work chatter we had a spark of inspiration; why not brew a beer that hybridizes our hop-forward modern IPAs with the Bohemian style beers we love? Utilising the super-soft Welsh water we’re lucky enough to have on tap, we’ve replicated the water profile on this beer to match as closely as we can with the Bohemia region. Our new school leanings influence the hop bill on this beer, with stalwarts Mosaic and Simcoe bringing those booming citrus tropical aromatics, whilst we head back to central Europe to ferment out, with a traditional lager yeast bringing a crisp, clean finish. Our most hybridized beer to date? You’d better believe it.

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