Memory Bliss – India Pale Ale 6.0%


Memory Bliss – India Pale Ale 6.0%

We’re pretty stoked here at Polly’s HQ that we’ve managed to get access to pretty much everything we want when it comes to hops we want to utilise in our beers. Because of this, within the brewhouse there are strong preferences for the big bombastic US hops, whilst another side is fully team South Pacific for their wonderful complexities. Looking to capitalise on this in Memory Bliss, we’ve gotten Team USA to pick two of their stateside slammers, and pit them against Team South Pacific to riposte with two of their own big hitters. Citra and Simcoe bring the classic Polly’s high tropical juice, low bitterness vibe to the table here, whilst Nelson Sauvin and Vic Secret bring white wine, gooseberry and herbal complexity to the table. An IPA in the classic Polly’s mode.

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