Melon Wave – Honeydew Melon Sour 4.6%


Melon Wave – Honeydew Melon Sour 4.6%

Our sour beer party keeps rolling on brazenly – a lesser trodden path of the brewery that always seemed so frightening to us previously is now one of the strongest arms of our output thanks to the direction of our secret weapon Lally and the rest of our incredible brew team. Wanting to wander off the usual berry fruited sour route we’d usually dose these types of beers with, we’ve taken a diversion down Melon Alleyway and used Honeydew Melon in Melon Wave. With one of the biggest additions we’ve ever made to one of our sour beers, we’ve loaded this beer with almost a tonne of honeydew to add a wonderful sweetness to counteract our sour pitch. The result is a beer that is puckeringly tart, as a Polly’s sour ought’a be, but with a balanced sweetness to keep everything in check.

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