Icons Box 12-pack


Icons Box 12-pack

Rewind back to July 2018 – whilst pouring at the Little Summer Beer Bash in Bristol next to some of our brewing heroes, we came up with an idea; something that would rattle the branches of the established order in the UK craft beer community and really announce our arrival as a force to be reckoned with. It took six months of trial and error, and meticulous planning, but in February 2019 we signed off on, and brewed the first of our Augment beers. The original trio of these, Patternist, Spur, and Rosa have achieved an elevated status as our most highly rated and sought after beers bar none, and when planning for a new range to join our core range in 2022, we couldn’t look any further than these icons of our output. Joined by our highest rated pale ale bar none in Oh My, the Icons range is a celebration of our brightest and best here at Polly’s; now available year round.

Rosa - DIPA 8.5% × 3

Rosa - DIPA 8.5%

Back for good as part of our Icons range, if Galaxy Mosaic IPA was the beer that set off some rumbles for us, then Rosa was the beer that smashed through the glass ceiling and planted us firmly on the map. Gaining near-universal praise from drinkers and industry insiders when we first brewed it in 2019 for our UK-wide Augment launch, for all the incredible places our Augment range has branched off into since then, we love coming back to what we feel is the benchmark for our DIPAs, and our brewers certainly get giddy with excitement when they know our headline beer is back on the brew plans. Featuring a five-hop mega line up of Simcoe, Galaxy, Mosaic, Citra and Ekuanot, this beer is sticky, juicy, piney and dank - 100% Polly's.

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Spur - IPA 7.2% × 3

Spur - IPA 7.2%

Spur has always been a massive in-house favourite here at Polly's, and the proof is in the pudding - the hop bill of Azacca, Citra and Simcoe bounces with Um-Bongo levels of tropical flavour, featuring a full on fruit salad of papaya, peach, tangerine and mango on both the nose and flavour. The scrappy medium child of the original Augment trio - a nightmare to can on its first go round in 2019 on the back of how highly hopped it was - we've tamed this awesome beast and brought it into our Icons range as a permanent fixture. Slathered with our bespoke in-house LA3 yeast culture for massive hop suspension, this is a beer that is 100% hazy, dank, and juicy. Spur, it's good to have you back for good.

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Oh My... - Citra & Sabro Pale 5.8% × 3

Oh My... - Citra & Sabro Pale 5.8%

Our last collaboration before the 2020 lockdown with our super pals over at Big Mountain Brewing, and a surefire cult favourite takes its rightful place as the pale ale showing for our new Icons range. We've revisited this beer several times over its lifespan, and originally our first foray into using everybody's new favourite hype hop Sabro in one of our beers, we're now world-weathered in the little quirks and idiosyncrasies of this incredible varietal. Amplified up to the max, Sabro brings a metric tonne of sweet, creamy, pineapple and coconut notes before being reeled in by an in-house Polly's favourite in Citra to keep everything balanced. Named for a truly terrible George Takei impression, this beer will literally make you say "...Oh my!".

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Patternist - IPA 6.6% × 3

Patternist - IPA 6.6%

The original underrated dark horse of the original three and back permanently as part of our Icons range; Patternist has gained and continues to carry its own massive cult following thanks to it's no frills El Dorado and Simcoe hop bill, albeit hopped up to the absolute nines, and its ornate tiling artwork garnering amazing feedback. A favourite among the staff here at Polly's, and the beer from the original three that started it all that we've brewed the most since we launched our Augment range, expect all kinds of mango, pineapple, jelly tots (no, really) with just a hint of resinous pine bursting from this incredible IPA. A hit when we first brewed it, and a surefire hit again with all the techniques we continue to learn since

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