How Yellow – India Pale Ale 6.9%


How Yellow – India Pale Ale 6.9%

We’re at the peak of summer now, so naturally all this sunshine has made us go a little doo-lally and want to brew big silly beers for big silly festivals. How Yellow – an apt description for the incredible vibrancy of this beer – takes pretty much every established rule we have for IPAs and throws it out the window. Huge whirlpool addition of Idaho 7 to bring big earthy black tea and resiny pine bitterness? Check. Better make up for that huge whirlpool addition with an equally daft dry-hop charge with some of the most pungent varietals we have in stock, right? Oh go on, why not. Featuring a mammoth dry hop charge of Galaxy, Strata, and even more Idaho 7, the agenda for this beer is a big bowl of tropical juice. With passionfruit, peach, pineapple and apricot notes, backed up with a hint of dank weedy tones, this is just about the most bombastic IPA we’ve produced to date.

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