Hoppy Father’s Day – Pale Ale 5.5%


Hoppy Father’s Day – Pale Ale 5.5%

Here’s to the level headed ones. The ones with the advice. The ones who know which drill head won’t punch an enormous hole through the wall. The ones who can sniff out a car with a good kick of a tyre. The ones who cook. The ones who can’t. The ones who belt out Bat Out of Hell in the absolute wrong key. The ones who tell jokes so bad they give you a neck injury from cringing. The ones who will never admit it but love to tell their friends how proud they are of you. The ones who would turn the world upside down to make sure you’re okay. The ones who are still here, and the ones who aren’t. Not everyone has a father, but everyone has a Dad. We’re tipping this one to that person in our lives who acts as the anchor when we need it. The person who deserves it every day but an extra amount just for one day. This one’s for you, dads. Cheers.

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