Ficklefree – India Pale Ale 6.1%


Ficklefree – India Pale Ale 6.1%

Citra and El Dorado is a combination that stretches all the way back to those heady days of Loka Polly when we were nought but a two man band. A fresh, bright, and bold twosome that pairs perfectly for one of our signature IPAs at that magic Polly’s 6.1% strength, we love how the freshly cut citrus fruit notes dance alongside pineapple and mango, with a resinous backbone. Sweet and juicy is all well and good, but we love a little bit of complexity in our beers, and we couldn’t look any further than the latest crop of Ekuanot for Ficklefree. Absolutely blown away when we opened the bag and took in all those aromas, we’ve used this incredible US hop entirely on the hot side for its ultra-high oil content to bring a deep herbal complexity to this fruit-forward IPA. An IPA for the connoisseur – delicately layered, and supremely delicious.

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