Blanka Rose – Loral India Pale Ale 5.9%


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Blanka Rose – Loral India Pale Ale – 5.9%

Loral has always been a hop that has interested us here at Polly’s HQ. A product of the Hop Breeding Company’s production line that brought in-house favourites Mosaic and Citra into the world, we love the fine line it walks between those noble hop characteristics and the new school younger American varietals. With that in mind, we wanted to showcase just why this incredible hop from our American cousins piques our interest so much in a single-hop IPA. Taking inspiration as we often do from the kings of the single-hop IPA The Kernel, Blanka Rose features a full-on 40kg charge bringing all those lemon-citrus and dark fruit flavours to the forefront, but backed up with those distinctive peppery, herbal and floral notes from its noble lineage.