6th Birthday Bundle With Free Glass


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6th Birthday Bundle With Free Glass

We are delighted to bring you some exceptional beers in collaboration with some of the best breweries the UK (and Europe) has to offer. We’ve partnered with three breweries that have been an endless source of advice, guidance and support over our six years in Track, Vault City, and Left Handed Giant, and have also teamed up with three of our favourite up and coming breweries who we feel are making excellent beer and would greatly benefit from the spotlight offered by working with us on these birthday beers – MakeMake, Indie Rabble and Uncharted.

Please note that we’ll only be selling these beers as part of a bundle on our webstore. We get it, there might be a temptation to hoard cans from your favourite collaborating brewery, but the idea of this whole showcase is to put our newer breweries on the same pedestal as their more well-renowned compatriots. Everybody works on the same level playing field in this series of collaborations, and we go as one – nobody is left behind. We hope you’ll show the same compassion for all our breweries and perhaps even discover a new favourite to bring you into 2024!

So don’t delay, grab your box today and get a FREE Lawrence glass included 🍻

*Please note – Tryanuary code ‘BEER15’ is not valid on this bundle.